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Robert Downey Jr. on ‘Iron Man 3’ script: ‘The best I’ve read in five years’

11 Dec

By Chris Engelhardt

Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. Credit: Iron Man Facebook Page

During an interview with Extra, Robert Downey Jr., amid discussions of his latest film, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,” “The Avengers,” which is opening next May, and other projects, spoke about “Iron Man 3,” and how impressed he was with the film’s script.

“‘[Iron Man] 3’ is probably the best script I’ve read in five years, which is so funny,” he said. “I mean, things have come so full circle that, like, a genre superhero movie can actually be the most artistic bit of writing I read. . . .the third Iron Man to me is an opportunity to go back to the kind of storytelling and character exploration that made the first one good.”

“Iron Man 3” was written by Drew Pearce and director Shane Black, who also directed “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” which starred Downey Jr. “Iron Man 3” is set to shoot next year.